The Horror of Judge Jeannie Reynolds- AND OUR COURTS


Special Note: Judge Jeannie Reynolds, Skokie Illinois is committing hate crimes, civil liberty crimes on a daily basis -and no one within the court system is doing a thing about the devastation to our families and especially our children. BUT … Continue reading

Take Back Our Courts-One QUICK EASY WAY

Take Back Our Courts.

One quick suggestion-vote OUT ALL Judges

Set our own term limits with our votes

Yes, there are good Judges-but they all look the other way at the behavior of the ‘bad’ Judges

So, until they all learn that the ‘party is over’-and that they are in fact-responsible to ‘we the people’

Just keep voting them out

By the way-there has NEVER been a Judge in Cook County Illinois NOT retained-We even let a Judge declared LEGALLY INSANE’ stay on the bench!

The Judges ALL count on your laziness and being totally uniformed-YOU can’t even name 3 current county Judges where you live!

And by skipping the Judicial vote-you keep them on the bench

SIMPLY take the 2 minutes and vote them ALL off next election (its at the end-they count on your having ‘voter fatigue’

Now please spread the word to VOTE THEM ALL OFF and read the rest of the other┬áblog; “Clean up the courts”

Thank you