The Horror of Judge Jeannie Reynolds- AND OUR COURTS


Special Note: Judge Jeannie Reynolds, Skokie Illinois is committing hate crimes, civil liberty crimes on a daily basis -and no one within the court system is doing a thing about the devastation to our families and especially our children. BUT … Continue reading


Join us in strict confidence at the above email

We cannot allow her devastation of our families and children any longer.

She is very emotionally sick and she must be removed from the bench ASAP

We are being joined by more and more people everyday-a great welcome to us all.

Her crimes are unbelievable and Chief Justice Evans behavior  is despicable for looking the other way (VOTE HIM OUT)

Join us today-“We the people” will not tolerate this any longer

Email your contact info to

Take Back Our Courts-One QUICK EASY WAY

Take Back Our Courts.

One quick suggestion-vote OUT ALL Judges

Set our own term limits with our votes

Yes, there are good Judges-but they all look the other way at the behavior of the ‘bad’ Judges

So, until they all learn that the ‘party is over’-and that they are in fact-responsible to ‘we the people’

Just keep voting them out

By the way-there has NEVER been a Judge in Cook County Illinois NOT retained-We even let a Judge declared LEGALLY INSANE’ stay on the bench!

The Judges ALL count on your laziness and being totally uniformed-YOU can’t even name 3 current county Judges where you live!

And by skipping the Judicial vote-you keep them on the bench

SIMPLY take the 2 minutes and vote them ALL off next election (its at the end-they count on your having ‘voter fatigue’

Now please spread the word to VOTE THEM ALL OFF and read the rest of the other blog; “Clean up the courts”

Thank you